4-H and Modern Woodmen Helping Where Needed

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The Hiwassee Dam Soaring Eagles 4-H Club and Hiwassee Dam Modern Woodmen Club 7661-1 are always lending a helping hand in the community and the county. The clubs used to meet separately but several years ago they combined since most of the members were the same youth. It is a great partnership in that with them combined the parents only have to free up one afternoon a month for a meeting and the clubs together can do more activities.

Image of kids filling bags

The clubs have always been very community service minded. Every November the clubs make pumpkin pies for all the county senior citizen centers. The members also make pies for their own families to enjoy. In December, we have made Christmas Wreathes for elderly in the community. When February comes, the members decorate cupcakes for Valentine’s Day for all the senior citizen centers meal participants and meals on wheels participants. In the spring and fall, the members plant new flowers in the planter boxes they had built at the Hiwassee Dam Community/Senior Center. And usually, around Mother’s Day, they plant flowers for their own mothers. Every year, we host the community egg hunt that would not be possible without Modern Woodmen representative Lynn Hamby. Lynn is instrumental in making sure that there is a prize for every child that comes. The egg hunt would not happen without her! We also plant trees in honor of a community member around the Hiwassee Dam Fire Department or school. We have also put flags on the graves of veterans at the community cemeteries for Memorial Day.

Image of Sophie Gibson and Kennedy Starks

Sophie Gibson and Kennedy Starks mixing up some delicious pumpkin pies.

This past December’s club meeting was no different. The club packed hygiene bags for the local homeless shelter. Modern Woodmen got these awesome drawstring backpacks that the hygiene products could be packed in so that way the person receiving the backpack had something more reliable than a plastic bag to keep their items in. Each bag had a new toothbrush and toothpaste, as well as, soap, deodorant, winter gloves, a hair brush and comb, tissues, books, crackers, and more. After they finished the bags the club members decorated Christmas cookies for themselves.

Image of packed bags

Left to right: Sarah Rathbone, Chloe McNabb, Kennedy Starks, Zoe Watkins, Brittney Harrelson, Sophie Gibson, and Chloe` Harrelson.

Image of girl decorating a cookie

4-H agent Shannon Coleman delivered the bags to the local homeless shelter the Hurlburt Johnson Friendship House. The shelter manager, Pat Meeks, was glad to have the 20 hygiene backpacks that the club put together and was happy to distribute them to those that needed them.

Image of Shannon Coleman delivering bags