4-H & Murphy Power Board Team Up to “Make the Best Better”

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4-H is well know for our “Learning by Doing” projects and 4-H School Enrichment programs are one of the ways that 4-H reaches a great deal of the youth with our great STEM curriculum’s like 4-H Electric Project. N.C. 4-H School Enrichment will enhance daily lessons taught by the teachers using many different 4-H curricula that matches the NC standard course of study for their grade level.

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Each year teachers team up with 4-H to use our 4-H Electric Curriculum. I go in and introduce 4-H and the first topic, which is a basic simple circuit. The students learn something as simple as a battery, a flashlight bulb, and a piece of aluminum foil makes a circuit. The teachers then use the 4-H curriculum to teach other aspects of electricity to their students using hands-on “learn by doing” experiments that are supplied to the teachers by 4-H that have been trained to use 4-H curriculum. They will learn about series and parallel circuits, magnets, and magnetism and the relationship with electricity, and many other electric related activities including a simple motor, which they will get to take home.

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For the past several years, Murphy Power Board has been a part of this hands-on instruction. Murphy Power Board has sent some of their linemen out to talk about safety, equipment, and careers. One of the things the teachers like best is that the students have been studying electricity enough when the visit happens to be able to use some of the vocabularies they have been learning at school when asking and answering questions the crew from the power board ask them. For instance, the crew is constantly asking about what equipment they have that are either insulators or conductors.

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We appreciate Murphy Power and their employees for helping 4-H with our school enrichment projects and being so welling to help “make the best better” through 4-H school enrichment.

If you would like to learn more about the many school enrichment projects and different curriculum 4-H has to offer contact, Shannon Coleman, shannon_coleman@ncsu.edu or 828-837-2210 ext. 4.