Place Your Order for a Live Hog

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, many livestock farmers across the state have been faced with chickens and hogs ready for processing and nowhere to take them because of slaughter houses being closed. Most of these places are specific to either retail sales or bulk for restaurants. Since restaurants were closed for take out only, the bulk processors shut down. NCDA&CS has coordinated getting some hogs shipped into the area for those who would like to purchase one. You would be buying a live hog and would either have to process it yourself or hire someone. You would also be responsible for transportation of the hog from the livestock center in Canton to wherever you choose to have it processed or DIY. Adam Farms and K&B Processing will take custom orders. Below is the information where to order and the process to purchase a hog. I know there are just a few that know how to process a hog, but please pass this on to someone you may know that might be interested.

WNC Communities in association with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and the Dogwood Health Trust is providing an opportunity for individuals and families to purchase a live hog. The animals would need to be picked up at the WNC Regional Livestock Center. The processing would need to be done at home or a local slaughtering facility. Arrangements for hauling and processing the hog would be the responsibility of the buyer. Reserve a hog by visiting the WNC Communities website. To learn about hog prices visit the USDA Agriculture Marketing Services.

For other questions feel free to call WNC Communities at 828-252-4783 or email them at N.C. Cooperative Extension, Cherokee County Center has also developed Local Food Options information.

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