Radon and Cherokee County

— Written By Teresa Goley and last updated by map of Radon potential zones in North Carolina

Now is the time to think about Radon and your home. For the past several years Cooperative Extension has helped you with your radon questions. Everyone living in this area needs to pay close attention to any and all information concerning radon. Our area is noted for the beautiful mountains and rolling hills. While the landscape is beautiful to look at, the mountains come with a price. This rocky soil has a high content of uranium which decomposes and releases radon gas. This gas can get trapped in our airtight homes. The radon particles can then get imbedded in your lung tissue. The people at high risk are smokers and those with their bedrooms in the basement.

Unfortunately, the extension office will not provide free radon kits in January, our Radon Awareness month. However, you will be able to go online and order a free test kit starting the first week of January: ncradon.org. There is a limited number of test kits available, so make sure that you call early in January. Home improvement stores will also have the Radon kits for sale. Also during the month of January, N.C. Cooperative Extension of Cherokee County office will provide an informational Radon class on the first Tuesday of each week.

Please take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about this health threat and get your free Radon test kit in January.

You can secure your place now for the Radon classes by calling 828-837-2210 or online at tlwiley@ncsu.edu. Radon is a real concern! Make your plans now to ensure the health of you and your family. More information can also be found at the North Carolina Radon Program.