Cherokee County & Graham County 4-Her’s Attend 4-H Congress

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The N.C. 4-H Congress is an annual educational event sponsored by the 4-H Youth Development Department at NC State University and planned by the State 4-H Council. This council is composed of 20 young people who serve as officers from their respective districts and 4 state officers who are elected at Congress. 4-H Congress has a usual attendance of more that 600 youth ages 9-18 from across the state of North Carolina.

This year, the theme was “Dare To Stand Together.”  Each youth delegate was encouraged to stand up and take action this year in the workshops, with the speakers, and meeting new 4-Her’s from across the state. 4-H Congress delegates participated in some of 4-H’s most honored traditions while at Congress such as State 4-H Officer elections, Honor Club Tapping, and the Candlelight Clover.

From Cherokee County 4-H, we had Grace Henderson (Cherokee Rider’s 4-H Club and 4-H Teen Council), Chloé Harrelson (Hiwassee Dam Soaring Eagles 4-H Club, 4-H Teen Council, and 4-H Scholarship Recipient), and Brittany Harrelson (Hiwassee Dam Soaring Eagles 4-H Club and 4-H Teen Council). Traveling with our Cherokee County 4-H Congress Delegation was two of Graham County 4-H Congress Delegation, Halley Jenkins and Cheyenne Rowland. We all had a great time and participated in some fun/educational activities as well as some serious topics covered in some of the workshops presented. The youth were able to participate in the state officer elections, dances, tours, and a great service project.