ACT Test Prep Available to Students in January

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ASPIRE (ACT Supplemental Preparation in Rural Education) is designed to bridge deficits in rural high school students’ performance on the ACT College Entrance Examination in order to increase the number of students pursuing higher education.

As a high school student, preparing for a college entrance examination like the ACT can be pretty difficult. Cooperative Extension Agents and public high school teachers have teamed up to offer courses in rural counties to prepare sophomores and juniors for the ACT College Entrance Examination through the ASPIRE program.

Shannon Coleman(4-H Agent, Cherokee County) will be offering the ASPIRE program to students starting in January. All ASPIRE instructors were trained through Princeton Review, one of the top test prep companies in the nation.

The classes will start Wednesday, January 17, with an introductory class from 3:30-4:30 at Murphy Middle School. The classes will be on Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 3:30-5:30 with four test scheduled on Saturday’s for practice. If students need help working with the schedule because of ball practice they can contact the instructor at 828-837-2210 ext 4 or and I will see if we can work with their schedule and the class schedule so they can attend.

Students submit the applications online to NCSU unless they print them off then they will mail them to NCSU.

The cost is $165 with a refundable $100 if they attend all the classes. The refund information is on the website if they miss classes it is broken down as to how much they receive back.

The applications can be found at:

Applications must be in by January 12, 2018.