Grow and Graze Podcast Launches in 2021

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The Grow and Graze Podcast will begin in January. Episodes will be available on this website with show notes. You will also be able to listen to the podcast on Spreaker,  Buzzsprout, and Anchor. The podcast will feature topics about 4-H, Family and Consumer Sciences, and Agriculture. Learn about the latest garden seed and plant varieties, healthy lifestyles, volunteer opportunities with Master Gardeners, how to become a volunteer for 4-H, Firescaping, and many other topics. To be considered for an interview on an episode, please complete the Google Form, so we can contact you or just email me at We are looking to interview past 4-Hers, farmers, Agritourism businesses, gardeners, and many others. The podcast has been made possible by Matthew Gutierrez with Carolina Farm Credit. Also, check out our information on our YouTube channel.

podcast resources

Matthew Gutierrez with Carolina Farm Credit (left) provides startup resources for the Grow and Graze Podcast to Doug Clement, (right) County Extension Director at the Cherokee County Center