4-H Horse Club Asking for Donations

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The Cherokee Rider’s 4-H Horse Club needs a little help. In order to raise funds to support the members of the club’s activities, the club runs the concession stand at the Cherokee County Saddle Club events as well as the Battle Lines Barrel Race Events at the Nora Starks Arena in Ranger. Recently the hot water heater went out and flooded the concession stand. The flood happened during November when there were no events at the arena so when it was discovered most everything including the cabinets, walls, and even the ceiling had either water damage or mildew from the hot water standing in the room.

Image of water-damaged wood

Parent, Brannon Elliott, helping clear out the cause of all our problems and old water heater.

On February 22, 2020, the club members and parents gutted the concession stand keeping only what could be cleaned to kill any mold and/or mildew. Now we need to replace some things.

We were able to get a stainless steel sink donated to us so we have gotten that much. Now is where we need some more help. We could use some gently used cabinets with a decent countertop so we can store items in it when not in use. Also, stainless steel tables or even just countertops would be great. If you would like to help us purchase paint or sheets of plywood you can leave monetary donations at: The PARC( Peachtree Athletic & Rehab) in the Rehab part in care of Erika Hedden in the Peachtree Community or mail them to Cherokee Rider’s 4-H Horse Club, Concession Stand, 40 Peachtree Street, Murphy, NC 28906.

Image of damaged wall

Parents, Will Meiner, Brannon Elliott, and Joey Hedden, work extremely hard getting all the damaged materials out of the concession stand.

The club uses the funds raised selling concessions to support the youth members in activities such as the West District 4-H 3-Day Horsemanship Clinic. Members that help with concessions and attend meetings get monetary help paying for the clinic cost including registration, shavings for their stalls, and their cattle working fees. Youth take their own horses and work with professional-level trainers at an inexpensive cost for 2 days then they learn about working cattle as a team on the 3rd day. Also on the 3rd day, they can learn about dressage and desensitizing a horse. They also do fun trips to places like the Kentucky Horse Park, Dolly Parton Stampede, and even non-horse-related activities such as a painting party to paint ceramics.

Image of removed drywall

Thanks to all the helpers from the tear out crew to the haul out crew! Angie Hopkins, Sydney Elliott, Shannon Coleman, Brannon Elliott, Joey Hedden, Faith Ward, Angela Clem, Barron Clem, and the Meiner family.

Cherokee Rider’s 4-H Horse Club meets the second Tuesday of each month at the Extension Education Classroom at 699 Conaheeta St, Murphy, NC 28906. If you would like more information on the club or want to know what you can do to help with the concession stand please contact Shannon Coleman, by email shannon_coleman@ncsu.edu or phone (828) 837-2210 ext. 4.