2019 Vegetable Garden Series

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Want to learn how to grow your own fresh vegetables? With rising food prices and more vegetables being shipped in from other countries, home vegetable gardening is regaining popularity.

The N.C. Cooperative Extension of Cherokee County is offering a three-day series of vegetable gardening classes for those wanting to learn how to grow veggies or just improve your gardening skills. The classes will be held at the N.C. Cooperative Extension, Cherokee County Center’s downstairs conference room in Murphy starting 6:30 p.m., and will last 2 hours. Topics to be covered include: April 16; soil sampling and amendments, April 18; insect, disease and weed management, April 23; site selection, planting techniques, plant, and variety selection, when to harvest, and much more.

Please call our office to register for the class (837-2210). The class series is $10. Come learn how to grow your own fresh vegetables and get your hands dirty.