4-H & Bee’s in the Classroom!

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The first grade at Murphy Elementary is busy learning about the benefits of honey bee’s and other pollinators through the 4-H school enrichment curriculum for 1st grade called Busy Bees. This program is being taught by one of the wonderful Master Gardener℠ volunteers of Cherokee County, Arlene Ward. Arlene, a former teacher, is a natural with the students.

Image of 1st busy bees meeting

Students will be learning through games, drawing, singing, dancing the bee dance, and making their very own bee books. The lessons teach about the importance of honey bees and other pollinators. The students learn parts of the bees and what each part is responsible for as well as how a bee communicates. This is one of the first introductions to science that the students receive that has several lessons and several connections back to the classroom and what they are learning in first grade including learning to write complete sentences.

Image of meeting

The students are learning so much and have already made connections from the bees to the foods they enjoy and how we must take care of our environment now for our future generations to enjoy.