Another Fun 4-H Holiday Workshop

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This years 4-H Holiday Workshop was another fun, activity filled day! There were 9 participants, all girls this year, so we giggled and worked all day to get all of our projects done.

Image of kids around table

4-H Shannon Coleman talking to this years participants about the first project of the day! We even set the mood with Christmas music and scenes playing in the background.

This years 4-H Holiday Workshop was on November 21, 2018. As with any Christmas crafting projects, we had lots of glitter, paint, and glue to last us a while. The participants made recycled milk jug snowmen, ornaments that look like lollipops and hard candies for their Christmas Trees, beaded candy cane ornaments, and huge clear ornaments that the participants made their own scene winter wonderland scene in.

Image of kids making milk carton snowmen

Participants Kaydence Walton, Kennedy Starks, Keirstin Westmoreland, Holly Childs, Saddie Cornwell, Joslyn Stiles, Vivian McNabb, and Katie McNabb. Not pictured because she had to leave early but her snowman was there Lydia McNabb.

Image of glowing snowmen

Snowmen made from recycle milk jugs.

We also made edible cookie ornaments that they could make at home. They dipped chocolate sandwich cookies in white chocolate and used mini peanut butter cups and chocolate covered caramels as ornament hook holders. They could use holiday sprinkles or chocolate candies to decorated their ornament after they were dipped in the white chocolate but they had to do it before it got hard.

Image of kids making ornaments

Saddie Cornwell, Keirstin Westmoreland, and Holly Childs are working hard on their fake candy ornaments.

Image of kids making ornaments

Katie McNabb, Kennedy Starks, and Kaydence Walton are passing the chocolate bowl around making their cookie ornaments.

Image of kids making ornaments

Kaydence Walton finishing up her base with a coat of Mod Podge while Kennedy Starks is waiting for lunch.

Along with the Christmas crafts, the participants made sparkling turkey’s that sat on a fall leaf board that they Mod Podged cloth with a fall leaf print on it. They also added an electric tea light candle to their center pieces. We didn’t want to use real candles because we didn’t want to light our turkey’s feathers on fire.

Image of kids crafting

Katie McNabb and Lydia McNabb were admiring and taking pictures of their turkeys. They had also named them and gave them back stories.

We had a great time and I could not have done it without my teen 4-H volunteers, Chloe` Harrelson and Grace Henderson helping out and lending a helping hand. Oh, and during lunch Santa stopped by while we were eating!