Backyard Milk Goats Seminar

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I bet you have always dreamed of raising your own goats. The Community Council of the Georgia Mountain Research and Education Center invites you to a free seminar to learn more about keeping dairy goats in your backyard. Owning and raising dairy goats can reward you with delicious and nutritious products. But like any endeavor, it can have its pitfalls if you aren’t well informed. For example, do you know which breeds thrive in this area? Do you know what they should eat, or have you been watching Saturday morning cartoons and assume they eat everything, including your shoes?

The speaker, Pamela Berry is the owner of Hidden Creek Farm, a USDA Grade A Certified Dairy and Creamery in Union County. Hidden Creek Farm’s fresh goat cheeses won multiple awards including Reserve Best in Show at the 2017 American Dairy Goat National Cheese Competition. Ms. Berry will discuss what you need to know about raising goats for milk, including breeds, feeding, housing and routine care of dairy goats. She will present an overview of goat anatomy and physiology, how to care for and feed bucks, pregnant does and kids. Ms. Berry will offer advice on milk quality, quantity, storage and GDA pet milk standards. Following this presentation will be a short milking demonstration, and then information about cheese and yogurt making will be given.

This seminar will take place on WEDNESDAY, July 18, at 10 A.M., in the auditorium of the GMRE Center. The Center is located three miles south of Blairsville on the Gainesville Highway. The seminar is free and no pre-registration is necessary. However, seating is limited to the first 100 in attendance.