4-H Needs Volunteers!

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4-H banner imageVolunteers are the keys to our success in the North Carolina 4-H program. Whether you’re interested in becoming a club leader, or just have a few hours to invest, we’ve got challenging and fun activities for adults who want to make a difference.

4-H volunteers are essential to help youth make the most of a wide variety of learning experiences. Volunteering is an opportunity for you to share your personal interests by demonstrating expertise in subjects as varied as robotics, food and nutrition, public speaking, agricultural science, community service and more. In 4-H, you can leverage your experience and skills to help a young person find their own passions and interests.

If you are an adult 21 years or older and would like to give back to a great organization that teaches youth about being great leaders then 4-H needs you.

In 4-H, farm kids, city kids, kids of every race, economic and family situation are getting the skills that will help them become the capable workforce our nation needs. And they’re getting the values that lead to good futures.

Maybe you want to volunteer with an existing club liking the Hiwassee Dam 4-H Shooting club or maybe you would like to start a new special interest club for youth to learn about topics that interest you and them. You can volunteer for long-term club leadership or short-term special interest.
You can have a positive impact on the next generation in your community by sharing your experience and knowledge.
If you would like to learn more about volunteering for 4-H please contact, Shannon Coleman, by email:  shannon_coleman@ncsu.edu or by phone: 828-837-2210 ext. 4.