Horse Health Expo a Great Success!!

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Cherokee Rider’s 4-H Horse Club held another very successful Horse Health Expo. On Saturday, March 18,  horse owners from all over the Tri-State area brought their horses out to the Cherokee County Fairgrounds(Mountain Folk Center) to have their yearly coggins test done as well as other necessary shots and even a few teeth were floated.

horse being branded

Dr. Beverly Hargus and her great assistants had over 70 horses that had coggins test done to make sure their horses were safe for the year. Other owners, just needed up to date vaccines for their horses. Our farrier for the day, Dennis Loudermilk, shod quite a few horses that came through the event. Tinker Moffit  branded  17 horses for our horse owners, as well. Horse owners were also able to take advantage of Amanda Haradon’s knowledge on saddle fitting and restoration asking if she could come and do some more classes at other horse events in the area.

If you missed it this year look for it again next March, with more great horse health information!!!