Pesticide Training Dates

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We have set some dates of pesticide recertification trainings for 2018. Every three years Private Applicators will need 2 hrs. of ”V” training and 2 hrs. of X training. If you do not have hours in either X or V and your license is going to expire in 2016, you will need to attend one or more of these trainings. Commercial licenses need only recertification hours for the category listed for the type license you have. The number of credit hours also depends on the type license you have. If you want to check the credit hours you need for private licenses, go to . You will need to fulfill your credit requirements by September 30 to retain your licenses. Commercial licenses holders need to have all credits before June 30th. Auxin training is again mandatory for 2018, even for folks who did it in 2017.  This is a special training for soybean producers wanting to use the Xtend soybean technology. Following are the dates and locations of trainings. Most of the demonstration X trainings will include categories B G H I K L N O T D and X. Call before coming to make sure your category is approved. All training categories are 2 credit hours:

January 29th, V & X, 1:00-5:00, Center for Applied Technology, Marble, NC  28905.

February 12th ONLY V & N, O, D, X 1:00-5:00, Auxin Training, C.A.T. Building, Marble, NC.

March 8th V, 1:00-3:00, Graham Co. Extension Office

March 22nd X, 1:00-3:00, Graham Co. Extension Office

September 28th V & X, 1:00-5:00, Cherokee Co. Extension office

Please note there are no trainings planned for Clay Co. at this time. An Agriculture Agent has not been hired for the Clay County office. When that position is filled, they may or may not decide to offer trainings in 2018. For locations and times of other trainings in the area, visit

Like last year, we will offer both X and V hours on the same day in Cherokee County. Our reason was to save you time and travel expense. For private license holders, you can come one day and get everything you need to renew. Commercial license holders will come at 3 p.m. only, except for the training on February 12th. If you need more than 2 X training hours, you will need more than one training day. There will be another Farm Services Expo again on Dec 4th and we are planning on offering some X credits. Details and credit hours have not been determined yet. We are going to offer the exams again on December 5th. Please call the Extension office (837-2210) for more information on the school in December.