Basic Forestry Management

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The majority of Cherokee County is forest or woodland. Much of this land is privately owned and not managed for its best use. Woodland of more than 20 acres qualifies for the present use value (PUV) tax deferred rates with an approved forestry management plan. All landowners that currently have their forest land listed under PUV have a forestry management plan they have to follow to keep the lower tax rates. It is a good idea to periodically review this plan to make sure you are following it the way it is written. Also, if the landowner has changed their mind on how it should be managed, the plan can be altered.

On November 30th, we will offer a Forestry Management workshop starting at 9 a.m. at the Center for Applied Technology (CAT) building in Marble. The workshop will teach you the different ways a forest can be managed to suit the landowner. Most landowners hire a forester to write their plans, which is recommended. This class will make you aware of different management tactics so you can better communicate with a forester how you want to manage your land. Even if your woodland is less than 20 acres, you can take advantage of the best management practices that will be presented. Please preregister by November 28th.