Pesticide Credits Trainings

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Cherokee County Extension is offering pesticide “X” and “V” trainings for 2017. Like last year, we will offer both X and V hours on the same day. Our reason was to save you time and travel expense. For private license holders, you can come one day and get everything you need to renew. Commercial license holders will come at 3 p.m. only. If you need more than 2 “X” training hours, you will need more than one training day. The “X” training will cover credits for licenses A,B,D,G,H,I,K,L,M,N,O,T & X. If you want to check the credit hours you need for private licenses, go to   Private licenses holders will need to fulfill credit requirements by September 30 to retain your licenses. Commercial licenses holders need to have all credits before June 30th. Remember, if you let your licenses lapse, NCDA is charging to administer the exams.

The date and location of this training will be February 6th at the Community Center in Andrews starting at 1 p.m. Please call by February 1st  to pre-register so we can get a head count.

To look up other trainings across the state, visit;