Good Manners- Scouts Honor!

— Written By Teresa Goley
Folding Napkins

Good Table Manners, of course, involve learning to fold napkins. Left to right, Abby Farner and Madison Stiles practice this skill with great enthusiasm!

girl scouts

Left to right: Sadie Curran, Jaylee Burton, Madison Stiles, Breeze Hitner, Taylor Ivester, and Camryn McMillian practice introducing themselves to each other!

Teresa Goley, Family and Consumer Sciences agent for Cherokee County Cooperative Extension, presented a program on manners for the Peachtree Girl Scout Troop entitled “Quest for Manners.” Goley held the initial class on Wednesday, July 22 at the Sieglie Center of St Williams Church in Murphy. The girls learned the importance of  words such as thank you and excuse me when practicing your good manners. They then practiced with each other on the correct way to introduce oneself. During the second week the girls practiced good table manners and learned the importance of setting the table correctly. Goley plans a total of four sessions which will also include good citizenship and the importance of writing personalized thank you notes.

Charlene Davidson, the troop leader, meets with the girls every Wednesday to cover important Girl Scout fundamentals.