Series 2 of the Homesteading Classes to Include Evening Classes

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homesteadingduckThe Cherokee County Cooperative Extension Office is happy to announce Series 2 of the Homesteading classes. It is scheduled to begin on May 20th. Topics will be Foraging, the Hidden Harvest, Wild Foods in the Garden. David Cozzo, a well-known expert in the field of foraging, will be assisting with this class. Series 2 runs through November with a wide assortment of classes. The classes range from canning beans, jellies and jams, sour dough bread making, introductory cheese and butter making, landscaping edibles, and making jerky and pemican. If you would like a complete list of the ten courses in this series, click here to view the brochure or   or email us at or and request a copy sent to be sent to your computer. No computer? No problem! We are happy to drop a brochure in the mail to you. You may also pick up a brochure at the Extension Office at 40 Peachtree Street in Murphy. Just give us a call at 837-2210 and give us your address. We anticipate that these classes will fill up quickly. Secure your place in the class or classes of your choice by calling this same number and registering.

After the first series, the Extension Service received numerous requests for evening classes to fit in with the working person’s schedule. Realizing the need to offer classes during the evening hours, Homesteading Series 2 will offer eight of the ten classes after 5:00 p.m. The majority of the classes will be held at the Brasstown Community Civic Center in Brasstown. The CAT Building in Marble will also be used for the first class on Foraging. The fee for each class is only $10.00. What a great bargain to promote your own self-sufficiency!

It seems that many of us have a parent or grandparent who has a wealth of knowledge on homesteading, since this was just ordinary day-to-day life for them. It was a simpler time but involved more hard work than most of us endure in today’s world. We have become very accustomed to and dependent on retail establishments providing us with all our basic needs. There may be a time or situation when we will need to be more self-sufficient. Or you may be one of those individuals who simply appreciate the time-honored methods of taking care of yourself and your family. Either way, the Homesteading courses are one way to help protect your family and teach your children some of the skills that are quickly being forgotten. Call today or go online and request a brochure so that you will be able to register before the classes close.